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Mijn Keef means "My Cave" and is pronounced the same as Man Cave.
A Man Cave , Man Room , hobby room , let me be a man in my own house , an I-make-the-rules-room is every man's dream , right ?

With our help and a big variety of Man Cave items, you'll be able to build your own Mijn Keef (MyCave).

The One Thing

We are all looking for "The One Thing"

But it's hard to find rare unique items in our modern world today.
That's why we thrive to help you find your One Thing

How we work

We don't call it work, we call it passion ?

What we do

We do what we do best. Scavenging for your next eye-catcher. Check out the services tab

Why choose us

Don't just choose us ! Love our taste and products .

Our assortiment

Enamel Signs

Enamel advertising signs are hot + a super investment.


Wonderful , rare, unique items people love to own

Vintage Mantiques

Original - Not new - masculin - gadget


We love collecting and we love limited editions !